A tree like no other; a company like no other.

Can live for thousands of years.

We’re in it for the long haul, too.

Supports life, providing the community with water, shade and a rich harvest of fruits. The leaves, bark, seeds and fruit pulp can treat disease, reduce fever and stimulate the immune system.

Supports life, providing the community with the sustainable livelihood and foundation to build a better tomorrow.

Essential to the region, with more than 300 uses for humans and animals, including food source, shelter, medicine and cosmetics.

Essential to the region, employing more than 5000 people and providing more than 15 products that build community and a better tomorrow.


Mohan Manji Dhrolia — the MMD of our name — is the inspiration for the company.

In 1961, he moved from a small village in India to Zaire, Africa, with a simple dream: to build a better life for his family.

His strong work ethic and values inspired the approach our company takes today.

Before Mohan’s retirement in the mid-1970s, his successes in commodity trading paved the way for the family to explore other business ventures.

These included the family’s introduction to the steel industry in Ethiopia in 2005.

Despite the growing need for steel as a basic commodity for the construction industry in Africa, many companies exported scrap metal and imported the finished product.

Fuelled by a vision to procure and sell raw materials locally, the family formed MMD in 2006 to eliminate this dependence on imported steel. Today, MMD is the leading manufacturer of TMT® rebars, high-quality thermo mechanically-treated steel reinforcement bars, and merchant bars used to construct residential, commercial, industrial, and civil structures.


To locally produce international quality steel products. Efficiently, Responsibly, Sustainably.

We locally produce quality steel products that enhance the rapidly developing infrastructure. We recognize our responsibility to people, to the environment and to the country. Our company is an industry leader that inspires change and fosters continued growth.


To be a highly respected leader in the manufacturing of diverse steel product offerings in Africa.

We aim to expand our geographical reach and become an integrated producer with access to our own raw materials.

By producing 1M tons of steel

By expanding our geographical reach in sub-Saharan Africa

By expanding our product range

By being an integrated producer


Safety and Sustainability

We are committed to building a safe and sustainable organization, with an inclusive, family-oriented culture.

Teamwork and Trust

We are ethical, accountable and work as One Team, building trusting relationships.

Excellence through Innovation

We take pride in consistently producing quality products and have a fierce reputation for pushing boundaries.

Efficiency with Agility

We focus on optimisation, being adaptive to challenges.

Leadership Potential

We are adventurous, embrace learning and play to win.


MMD is like the Baobab tree, the “Tree of Life” — resilient, provides shelter and thrives under difficult conditions. Producing our high-quality steel products builds communities by creating a sustainable livelihood for the people of Africa.

Our five core values define how we conduct our business activities, engage with our staff and satisfy our customers: